Boat is a young and energetic brand with a focus on user experiences through handcrafted and unique offerings. We are committed to innovation to stay on top of ever-changing trends and work with a customer-first approach in every aspect.

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Make life fun for your children by providing them with a unique collection of drawing, colouring, and crafting products that encourage them to express themselves creatively.

A set of tools that efficiently assists you in keeping track of your day-to-day activities and ensures success in achieving individual goals, all while caring for your comfort with us on a budget.

A collection of products curated to match individual personalities who believe that their stationery is an extension of their style.

Turn your creative talent into reality!

A diversified range of products that are completely balanced in aspects of quirkiness and functionality to improve your everyday life.

Stationery you will love!

A wide array of products that are premium, trendy, and unique.

Mass Pen

Creative Range

Functional Metal Pen

Premium Notebook