At Ban Group, we have always strived for the betterment of humanity. Through our diversified business portfolio, we focus on innovations that are not only enriching for consumers in the long run, but also contribute to a future that is sustainable and inclusive.


Business Verticals


Ban Labs pioneers research-intensive pharmaceutical manufacturing with advanced API facilities, ensuring quality and compliance through FDA, PMDA, KFDA, cGMP, and WHO-GMP certifications for a versatile global product range.

Ayurvedic Medicines

At Ban Labs, we fuse Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science for holistic health. Our products harmonize ancient insights with contemporary knowledge, enriching lives.


Ban Labs offers meticulously crafted Nutraceuticals, blending science and natural ingredients. These supplements support health goals with quality and safety, enhancing overall well-being.

Clean Energy Solutions

Ban Labs pioneers clean energy solutions with innovative products. Their emulsion fuel technology offers eco-friendly alternatives, promoting sustainability for a greener future.

Industrial Equipment Technology

Ban Labs excels in industrial equipment and advanced tech products. Their Micro Nano Bubble Generator Regenerative Turbine Pump exemplifies innovation, enhancing efficiency across industries.

Distinctive Clothing

TSL - The Secret Loom, Ban Labs' premium brand, offers sustainable and unique intimate clothing, fusing natural and synthetic fibers elegantly.

Personal Care Range

Ban Labs' personal care products prioritize quality and well-being, enhancing grooming routines and self-care.

Luxury Fragrances

Ban Labs fragrances create inviting spaces with refreshing scents, showcasing expertise in air care and perfumery.

Ayurvedic Beverages

CARE infuses Ayurvedic herbs into beverages, embodying health and wellness with every sip.

Premium Stationery

Boat's stationery combines creativity and functionality, elevating work and personal spaces with style and substance.



Igniting Innovation, Powering Impact

InnovateXchange is a game-changing program dedicated to propelling startups across diverse industries. Our passion lies in brands that captivate consumers while making a positive impact. We partner closely with founders, offering comprehensive support, mentorship, funding, and a wealth of industry expertise. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are our core values. Join us on a transformative journey to fuel your startup's success.

Our Brands