Ban Group is a worldwide sustainability leader, reaching millions with innovative eco-solutions across 51 countries. From Asia to Oceania, our impact spans continents. We unite a global community of 7.9 billion, prioritizing environmental responsibility and positive change. Through our extensive network, we're shaping a brighter, greener future for generations to come.


Ban Group's wide-ranging portfolio of products has reached the hands of consumers across a diverse array of Asian nations. From the bustling streets of Myanmar and Cambodia to the serene landscapes of

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The heartbeat of Africa resonates with Ban Group's mission of positive impact. From the plains of Kenya to the vibrant markets of Uganda, our products have become integral to daily lives. In South Africa and

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The charming streets of the United Kingdom, the historic beauty of Romania, and the artistic spirit of Italy – in these European countries and beyond, Ban Group has established itself as a bearer of change.

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Middle East

The Middle East, with its ancient landscapes and modern aspirations, has opened its doors to Ban Group's offerings. In the opulent cities of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, our products find

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Ban Group's influence spans the vast expanse of the Americas, from the towering cities of the United States to the rhythmic beats of Brazil. In Canada's pristine wilderness and Mexico's bustling markets,

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The turquoise waters of Australia, the untouched beauty of New Zealand, and the vibrant cultures of Fiji – Ban Group's products have found their way to these paradises in Oceania. In Papua New Guinea,

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